August 19, 2019

Brothers and Sisters, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve you as the National Fraternal Order of Police President and am humbled by your confidence and support to lead the future of the organization. The positive momentum created by this election is just the beginning of creating a united and more vibrant Fraternal Order of Police.

The accomplishments of my predecessor, Chuck Canterbury, are substantial and the path on which he led this Order is significant. As he progresses through the process of becoming the next Director of ATF, I pledge my full support. The day he is sworn in will be a proud day for all FOP members.

I offer my admiration to Past Vice President Jay McDonald and thank him for his four years of service on the executive board of this great Order. Elections are difficult. This one was especially difficult knowing the outcome would mark the departure of a proven leader. I thank him for his dedication and for the sacrifices he made during his tenure. I have invited him to be a vital part of our path going forward.

As your President I am dedicated to leading the Order in these changing times and finding solutions to the real issues facing our profession and our members. Together, we will amplify the voice of law enforcement officers everywhere and chart a course of long-term prosperity of the organization.

It will be my unwavering mission to build relationships, earn the confidence of leadership and members alike, to create joint support to achieve our united goals and to work diligently to fulfill each and every one of the promises made to you in my ten point plan.

I welcome Vice President Joe Gamaldi (TX), and Secretary Jimmy Holderfield National FOP Secretary (FL), to the executive board and congratulate Treasurer Tom Penoza (DE), 2nd Vice President Les Neri (PA), Sgt. at Arms Keith Turney (IL), and Chairman of Trustees Rob Pride (CO) on their reelections. I, along with our newly elected leadership, will work towards these goals with an open mind and act with the interest of our proud 104 year tradition.

As always, I am also very grateful for our excellent National Fraternal Order of Police staff, not only for what they do every day behind the scenes but also for their dedication and hard work to organize and execute this years conference in New Orleans.

Finally, I am beyond grateful for the continued support of my family and so many friends who believe in me. Today, I am lifted and ride upon the shoulders of so many. I am humbled beyond words. We are FOP STRONG!!!!!!